Sunday, 26 May 2013

How to Create Google Authorship Profile

Google Authorship allows you to get identified as an author of web articles by Google. It is a way for Google to avoid spam webpages from showing in the search results as people would dedicate less spam when their name gets connected with the content. It would also allow to find more authentic web pages from business niche people. This is a fantastic way to avoid less spam and list more related web pages.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship allows you to web link your Google Plus profile to the articles your create. The content you write or make gets shown in the search results with your image, which is fetched from your Google + profile. 

How to Verify Google Authorship?

To verify your authorship to the content your create, follow the steps given below:-

1- Create your Google+ profile. (Visit - Google+)
2- Visit and click on the verification link.

Have a seem at this video clip for getting a good knowing of how to implement authorship on web pages.

SEO and Google Authorship

Authorship has a great importance with Search Engine Optimization. Webpages that are related to authentic and popular author profiles are ranked highly by Google and their rankings is increased. The more pages on the web that have you as an writer of the content, the more benefit your profile has, the effect being, your webpages get a better web rankings. Now, popularity of a webpage would be assessed by two factors- the authority of the website or the web page and the authority of the person who has created the content. Slowly and gradually this is the development that is knowledgeable by the users and more webpages are created these days along with a proper authorship connected to it.

Author Profile Displayed on the search results

Google's View of Authorship:-

“The name of the writer can be applied to effect the ranking of web search final results by showing the author liable for a specific content piece. Accepting that a given writer has a higher reputation score, comprising an recognized reputation for publishing useful content, then extra content authored and signed by that writer will be promoted comparative to unsigned content or content from less reliable writers in search results.

The Author Rank

Now, the query appears- how can we achieve trust as an publisher so that my written content rises on top of the search rankings? This statistic is what is known as an "Author Rank". If your rank as an author is excellent, there are good probability that your content would position higher than others less than the same category. Following the recommendations given listed below would help you to gain more popularity as an author.

1- Create more content on the designs in which you want to ranking higher.
2- Motivate social indicators like Tweets, Likes and Plus Ones on the content published by you.
3- Add link to each and every web-site you are an author from your Google + web page.
4- Become a author on respected and high authority web pages.
5- Supply quality content articles under your name so that its useful for the user. If the user arrives researching for your content or usually spends more time on the content articles written by you then there are possibilities that links to more articles written by you would be revealed by Google in the search results.

Benefits of Google Authorship

Authorship was developed with the target of allowing for writers to maintain their articles, as well as enabling search engine users to find more articles written by the same writer. It also can help identify authority and authenticity of articles for web sites as well as authors. It's commonly assumed that Google Authorship is the 1st step in the direction of confirming author identity, which will be used to determine Author Rank, which I consider is the upcoming of Google's algorithm.

Additionally, web sites that have used the actions to identify authorship tags get increased click-through prices due to authorship markup used in search results (which looks like a head shot of the publisher next to the text checklist, sketching the eye and gaining clicks), and higher visibility to more of their content.


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